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Tisean Govender

I started to form a close bond with dogs at a very young age of nine when I hadn't even had my first dog yet. I was envious that all my friends had dogs and I didn't - then one day I came home and there he was. A Boerboel/German Shepherd X puppy named Diesel. Diesel stole my heart and that was the moment I realized I wanted to devote my life to dogs.  


Years later a lazy Labrador named Mason, with his lumpy face, came into my life and taught me how to have fun. Mason is still my pride and joy. Recently a hyperactive Labrador X named Dash was sent to teach me that even though there are bad things in the world, it can always be fixed by paw prints. Dash is my baby and I have learnt so much from him.  Storm, a little Labrador mix was recently rescued by my family and I from Oscars Arc. He is such a big sweetie and has fitted in well with our other two doggies and the rest of the family. Storm has completed the Puppy and Canine Life Skills 2 training courses at our very own PawFect Pups school !

After high school I contacted behaviorists about where I could best acquire the knowledge of canine behavior and soon after that I enrolled at COAPE. (Centre of Applied Pet Ethology) and completed the C01 DogWise Stage 1 training course. I have also completed a Level 1 First Aid Course with First Aid for Dogs.


I am a certified puppy training instructor, course completed through the Puppies in Balance. I am currently furthering my studies through COAPE completing my diploma in Companion Animal behaviour and training.

  • I have attended a First Aid Course with First Aid for Dogs and am now Level 1 certified in Canine First Aid.

  • I am a certified Puppy Training Instructor.

  • Completed the C01 DogWise Stage 1 training & behaviour course through COAPE - CertCAB 'Certificate in Animal Behaviour'.

I have a passion for all things with 4 legs and fur. I goal in life is to educate guardians on their furkids to care and better understand them.
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