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Our philosophy

What do we believe in?

Through studies, research and personal experiences

working with animals, we have seen how much more effective force free, positive reinforcement methods of training are because dogs enjoy the learning experience.

What does this mean exactly?

Using aversive methods of training (fear and pain) is psychologically damaging for the dog (or other animals) and is abusive.  It may appear to have results, but these will be temporary and in time the animal will revert to his normal behaviour and the abuse starts all over again.

By positive reinforcement we mean giving a dog a reward in the form of food, praise, play or toys when he responds by offering a behaviour that you are asking for.  Dogs (and other animals) learn a lot quicker through positive reinforcement and the lessons are longer lasting.   The strongest relationships between dogs and their owners are based on co-operation and kindness rather than human dominance over an animal.  Ultimately, positive reinforcement training results in a dog who follows his owner because he wants to, rather than following out of fear. 

Why choose us?

Qualified & experienced

Tisean is qualified and experienced in puppy and dog training, socialisation and behavior which equips them with the relevant skills to assist you with the development of your dogs and your relationship with them.

Positive reinforcement

Our training is based on positive reinforcement and this philosophy is evident in all our services.

A wide range of services

PawFect Pups offers a range of training classes, a daycare facility and behaviour modification.

Positive reinforcement promotes a healthy, stable and confident dog.
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