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Canine Life Skills 1 Course

Are you wondering if it is too late to train your adolescent or adult dog? Or do you struggle with your 'teenage' or naughty dog? We are here to help! It is never too late to educate your dog!

This course is geared for dogs 5 month and older who have not had any prior training.  Adolescent dogs can be challenging, but they can learn so much so fast. Even senior dogs can learn to change their old ways. Dogs learn from their environment 24/7 (if we like it or not). So, you want to make sure your dog learns good things!


If you want to have a well-mannered dog that listens, a peaceful walk on or off-lead, strengthen the relationship, do something new with your dog, this course can help! We use innovative game-based fun and positive training method and Tellington TTouch.  The course aims to have your dog real-life ready.


During this course, you will gain fundamental knowledge of how dogs learn and necessary basic skills of how to effectively apply the knowledge to teach your dog basic manners and to manage your young and exuberant dog. 

Class details:


Saturday mornings


1 orientation and 5 in-person lessons which includes class notes


New premise TBA.

When to start:

This course caters for novice dogs of around 16 weeks and older with very little or no prior training. Adolescent and adult dogs and their owners are welcome!

What to expect:
  • General good manners including basic obedience

  • Building foundation concepts for skills development: optimism, confidence, calmness, self-control, focus, and flexibility

  • Developing your dog's desire to work with you

  • Prevention of separation-related behaviour and guarding behaviour

  • Developing necessary & practical skills: recall, walking nicely, door manners, no jumping and more

  • Managing adolescent and adult dogs without nagging and shouting by helping the dogs think for themselves to make good choices in a variety of situations

All dogs will be assessed for reactivity before being allowed to interact with other dogs. If your dog isn't comfortable with strangers and/or other dogs, then you and your dog may benefit much more from our @Home courses. If you prefer these options then private one-on-one options are available.

We do not use aversive method and equipment, simply because it is not necessary.   As a positive method motivates your dog better and makes your dog more cooperative, it's more effective and efficient. And it's dog-friendly and human-friendly!

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