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Canine Life Skills 2 Course

This course caters for dogs and their owners with training experience.  If you have completed our Confi-puppy course, Canine Lifeskills 1 or any other basic training before, this is your next step.  Join this course to learn the practical application of your skills and knowledge to help your dog become real-life ready!   

We use innovative game-based fun and positive training methods and Tellington Ttouch.

The course aims to have your dog real-life ready.

Class details:


Saturday mornings


1 orientation and 5 in-person lessons which includes handouts and short videos


New premise TBA.

What to expect:

The focus of this course includes the following:

  • Recalling your dog

  • Walking nicely with you

  • Mat training

  • Increase focus, engagement, confidence, flexibility

  • Growing calmness

When to start:

For dogs with some training experience.

A dog-friendly and human-friendly positive method is effective and efficient in dog and other animal training. Aversive methods and equipment are not only unnecessary but also create a confrontational relationship.  

For extensive behaviour problems, you can speak to Mari our resident behaviourist about a home visit.

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