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How can we help?
  • Many pet owners at some time during their pet’s life experience behaviour problems. Some problems are serious and others less so. We are here to help you resolve your issues. Most of dog problems such as excessive chewing, destructive behaviours, pulling on lead and others are not problems for the dogs, but problems for humans. So, we need to initiate changes by guiding our dogs in the right direction and by responding to them differently. After all, we are two different species and don't speak the same language. Our action speaks louder for our dogs.

  • Emotion drives behaviour and behaviour influences emotion. It is science. It's not a simple issue of dominance or a pack leader. Dogs are more complex and intelligent! That's why we use science-based dog-friendly and human-friendly methods to help transform your dog

  • So, if you're battling with a dog with behaviour issues (especially if you have multiple dogs, other dogs can learn the unwanted behaviors) or if you've adopted a dog from a shelter who needs direction, or  need help with your dog pulling on the lead, our trained behaviour practitioner can offer home visits to assess your dog and its environment. She will provide you with management suggestions and an individualised programme you can follow to help your dog change its ways. And don't give up on your adult dogs. Even senior citizens are capable of learning.

Please contact Tisean for info on PawFect Pals.

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