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Behaviour Modification

Are you struggling with excessive barking, overreaction to noises, dogs, people, etc., pulling and lunging on lead, hyperactivity,  separation-related issues, dog-dog or dog-cat issues, etc.? No matter what breed or rescue or age group, our professional behaviour practitioner and trainer is here to help.

Canine Life Skills 1 Training for Beginners

Our Canine Life Skills 1 course caters for dogs 15 weeks and older who have had very little or no training. This course has 1 orientation and 5 in-person lessons.  It includes general good manners, basic obedience, building of foundation concepts for skills development and incorporating fun activities.

Canine Life Skills 2 Training for Intermediate Dogs

Our Canine Life Skills 2 course is for puppies who graduated from Puppy School or dogs who have done previous basic obedience training.  This course has 1 orientation and 5 in-person lessons. We build more on the foundation already created in Life Skills 1 or a puppy course by building more practical skills improving on recall, loose leash walking, gate manners etc. A variety of games can teach these skills and make them more reliable in many different settings. This course aims to help your dog to become real-life ready.

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